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          Warning: This module may not support sharing across sites

          You are attempting to add a reference to this module that exists on another site in this group. This module may or may not support sharing across multiple sites - it doesn't explicitly state either way whether it does.

          If you are sure that it does, or if your intent is to test its ability to do so, then proceed with caution and be aware that certain functionality in the module - or even the entire module - may not function correctly in this configuration.

          If you are confused by this message or are working on a site that cannot tolerate any breakage, you should click Cancel and contact the DotNetNuke Support Team.



          RSS是站點用來和其他站點之間共享內容的 一種簡易方式(也叫聚合內容),通常被用于新聞網站。一段項目的介紹可能包含新聞的全部介紹,或者僅僅是內容提要。這些項目的鏈接通常都能鏈接到內容全 文。網絡用戶可以在客戶端借助于支持RSS的新聞聚合工具軟件(例如看天下、博閱),在不打開網站內容頁面的情況下閱讀支持RSS 的網站內容。網站提供RSS輸出,有利于讓用戶發現網站內容的更新。




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